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HSE figures published in November 2020 (for the 12 months up to March that year) stated 17.9 million sick days – that’s 54% of all sick days – were due to Stress, Anxiety and Depression. The percentages more or less match the previous couple of years; it’s just the numbers are getting bigger. And these don’t even get into the months of COVID uncertainty, furlough and layoffs.

During COVID, 1 in 2 likely to experience some form of depression (Office of National Statistics Aug 2020)

8% of Adults report feeling ‘always or often lonely’ (ONS Nov 20)

13% experienced suicidal thoughts/feelings (Mental Health Foundation Nov 20)

1 in 5 reported feeling hopeless (MHF Nov 20)

You are not alone in how you feel

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Talk. Talk it out. Share it. People will listen.

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