Each of us has experienced how awful 2020 has been and yes, we have all been affected in some way by COVID-19 and it’s variants.

Throughout all the sadness it’s been too easy to focus on the negative things, because the truth is, it has been bloody awful. But let’s not forget, there is an importance to remembering all the good that has come out of this year too. Hope.

We learned to adapt to change, which will build our resilience for the future. So many people have taken up new hobbies and learnt new skills.

We may have enjoyed the slower pace of life and had time to reflect on life as a whole.l, perhaps had time to realise that the job or career you’re in isn’t for you and you’re going to put your hand at trying something different.

There has been so much kindness as well this year, communities coming together to clap for the NHS and Key-workers, people generally meaning ‘how are you?’ when they stop to talk to someone at a distance, many helping out the vulnerable with shopping and just checking in on them. I’ve experienced workplace wellness, as more businesses are putting the well-being of their staff at the top of their priority for 2021.

So, if you are rounding off the year with a ‘good riddance to 2020’, stop and remind yourself that some good has also come out of it – give yourself a pat on the back for getting through it. Think about all the things that made you smile, made you proud and gave you hope, whether it was Sir Tom Moore, someone you know, or yourself. There has to be hope.

Remember, the sun always shines after the storm.

I wish you as wonderful a Christmas as you can, and the happiest, healthiest of New Years…

The important stuff stays, you can do this.

Pete Moore, Head Coach at HunkyDory.

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