Don’t suppress…

Suppressing your appetite doesn’t make your need for energy go away.

If you’re hungry, it’s for a reason – your body is asking for energy (calories). Suppressing your appetite just postpone the inevitable – eating. It creates a build up of energy demand that loads like a spring until you eventually give in and give your body what it needs to thrive.

Yet we think we’re being clever. We think we’re tricking our bodies into eating less by hacking our hunger.

We might even get some positive reinforcement. Our hunger might pass after using one of these suppressing strategies. But it always comes back. And for good reason – your body needs energy.

It seems a little silly to say. We all know we need energy. We know we need to eat. We even use calories when we sleep, when we rest. Yet here we are trying to ignore a perfectly normal signal to our body.

Why? To lose weight?

We’re honouring our weight loss over our body’s needs. And that never works out well in the end.

Look, to lose weight you just need to be in an energy deficit. The right activity, taking in the right calories. The problem is most people take this way too far. They get greedy. They lack patience.

So they try to eat as little as they can. And once they reach that point they try to suppress their appetite – you know, that thing that tells you you’re not eating enough. Then you get tired, you get fatigue, so you don’t exercise, or use the correct form.

You don’t have to suffer through hunger to lose weight. You don’t have to engage in crazy hunger suppressing tactics either.

You absolutely can honour your hunger and have weight loss goals at the same time. But you’re going to need a shift in thinking.

Your weight loss goals work best when you’re fuelling your body well, consistently moving your body doing physical activity you enjoy, and living life.

Starving yourself will never work in the end.

The important stuff stays. You can do this…

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