World is not black and white

1. Life isn’t fair. The person who works the hardest isn’t always the one who wins. The most qualified applicant won’t necessarily get the job. Hours dedicated to a cause do not directly equate to success in that pursuit. What works for some will not always work for you.

Being in your late teens/early twenties, you are emerging from an existence of by the book, step by step evaluation. Things have always been drawn out and, for the most part, adhered to in a very straightforward way. You do your best and you get a certain grade. You get a certain grade and you rank a certain way. Ranking a certain way enables you to attend specified Universities. You get the picture.

As you leave this period of your life behind it won’t take long to realise that the real world is far less certain. Success is about paving your own trail and lighting your own path. It comes from the understanding that there is not a right or wrong way to progress in the world, but there is your way, and your way should be held near and dear to your heart. There is no longer a syllabus or grading system for life, and happiness doesn’t begin until you stop looking for one.

2. Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication

The world gets crazy. There is a lot going on and a lot to think about. Those who succeed have a way of being able to remove themselves from the noise. Focus on what it is that’s important and let the rest fade away. If you don’t need to juggle eight balls at once, don’t. Why would you want to complicate your situation? Keep it simple is the key.

3. Habits Determine Success

As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Talking about getting into shape, receiving a promotion, or starting a new chapter in your life sounds great. Without defining your goals and creating an actionable, daily routine to get there your plans will forever remain ideas. Think of the gym on January 2nd vs. March 2nd. On January 2nd it is crowded with hopeful people intending to turn a new leaf and improve upon their fitness. On March 2nd that same gym is much less crowded. Those remaining have created habits that have integrated their desire into their day-to-day life, enabling them to remain focused. Habits are what set you up for a lifetime of success. Intentions are nothing more than fluff.

4. The Universe Owes You Nothing

It is a common perception that a degree equates to success in the real world. But a degree, as hard as you have worked for it, is not a free ride to health, wealth, or happiness; however, those long hours that you put in have given you a great start, it’s one piece of a foundation that you now stand on. It has helped you create your current self. Your current self is what will make or break you. Your motivation, dedication, passion, and persistence; these are the things that build success. Don’t ever think a piece of paper with your name on it, or anything else for that matter, somehow allows you to bypass these components. Life has a way of setting you straight very quickly.

5. Success Is A Product Of Failure

The concept of failure as a stepping-stone toward success is hardly something new. We have heard it for years. What we fail to acknowledge is how difficult it truly is. Fail is a “First Attempt In Learning”. Failing requires courage. It requires stepping outside of your comfort zone and moving toward the very thing you’re scared of. To grow into the person you want to be is to learn from these experiences, however unpleasant they are. Look at children – they aren’t afraid of failing, because they haven’t yet learned from others of the fear of failing. They will try anything, with a smile on their face. Step out from behind the shadows and let yourself fail. Constantly push toward the next level, whatever that may be at the time. The question, “I wonder if I could have succeeded” will always feel worse than the act of falling down.

6. How Others See You Is A Reflection Of How You See Yourself

Your life goals should never revolve around the opinions of others. One can’t achieve happiness without living for him/herself. However, your ability to communicate, influence, and network with people will play a large role in your journey. Always remember that how others perceive you is a direct reflection of how you see yourself. If you feel confident, you will come across to others as confident. If you believe yourself to be a winner, others will see you as a winner. The person you should concentrate on pleasing is yourself because once you have created a strong, positive relationship there, everything else falls into place.

7. The Ability To Stop And Think Trumps All

Part of life is dealing with outside pressure: pressure from your family, your friends, and society. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to look back and realise their own wants and desires have been left in the dust. This is the reason there is such power in being able to stop and ask yourself what you want out of life. While it may seem like an obvious suggestion, the world around us indicates otherwise. The “obvious” things are often what get overlooked as we run the rat race day in and day out. Determine whether your career trajectory adds value to your life. Decide whether you are living for passion or are just caught up in a routine that leaves you weekends and holidays. It all starts with an ability to pause the world around you and think for yourself.

8. Your Mind, Emotions, And Body Are Passengers, Not Drivers

Part of accomplishing anything is being able to see the big picture. Remember who you are, what you are seeking; it is an essential component of success. Your mind will often create negative thoughts and reasons to quit. Your emotions will attempt to sway your decisions and cause rapid reactions. Your body, if not conditioned, will do everything in its power to cease your momentum. These three objects, however, are merely passengers. You alone are the driver. You know where you are going and only you can pump the breaks. If you keep this in mind you will see that success is nothing more than a decision.

The important stuff stays…

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