Ten tips for amazing change

10 Pieces of Advice For Amazing Change.

I’m fortunate because I’ve had the chance to personally coach a range of people since I started in 2001. Many people have been to my website and I’ve engaged with most of them through comments and emails.

The time spent with people has given me the experience of seeing first hand what people are struggling with and I’ve witnessed what works and doesn’t work when it comes to achieving the results that people want.

Below are what I believe to be the 10 most important pieces of advice I can give anyone who’s ready to transform their life. If you can focus your time and energy on incorporating these things into your life you will see transformation…

1️⃣ Eat when you’re hungry but not starving, stop when you’re satisfied but not stuffed. This takes care of intuitively figuring out how much food you need to eat to optimally fuel your body. This is a skill which takes practice to get right, especially if you’ve been out of touch with your hunger signals. Be patient.

2️⃣ Eat mostly the foods you need to help with your targets, but include fun foods whenever necessary. Practicing moderation is the key to you not feeling deprived with your eating (and your life). Pay attention to how your food choices make you feel. This is the key to naturally moving to an eating style that makes you feel your best.

3️⃣ Make physical activity an enjoyment. If you could never lose or gain another pound what would you do for exercise? Your answer will tell you what you should be focusing on, as the reward you receive from the activity itself is what will fuel your consistency for life.

4️⃣ Focus on how you think over your behaviours. Admittedly this seems back to front, but our behaviours are a function of our thoughts. Most people focus on “doing”, and then wonder why they can’t maintain their behaviours. Your mindset is what connects your actions to your outcomes. It’s the fuel for what you do.

5️⃣ Calorie counting and the scales are tools to be used when or if necessary. They aren’t required but they can benefit you if used right. Don’t become dependent on these tools because you will become out of touch with your body’s signals and be unable to self-validate your behaviours. Be in control of your feelings and behaviours. Build a good foundation first, and then layer in these tools if needed.

6️⃣ Asking “how many calories do I eat to lose weight?” is the wrong first question to ask. Instead, ask – “why haven’t I already been eating less than I am now?” How much you eat is a side effect of your relationship with food, so get down to the root of the problem (emotional eating, feeling restricted/deprived, the weekday/weekend cycle, diet mentality, etc) and fix that before trying to force an outcome.

7️⃣ Figure out why you want to lose weight. What is the reason behind your thoughts. This will help you determine who you’re doing this for (yourself or for other people), and whether you’re doing it because you want to feel your best or because you feel pressure to. The more you can make this journey about you and your needs and your desire to feel your best the more motivated and successful you will be.

8️⃣ Your body and your body image are not the same thing. Your body is what you see – your body image is what you perceive. Most of the pain people feel around their bodies is emotional, which is a function of body image. But since body image is just perception, you can decide how you see yourself and end your emotional pain without ever changing your physical body. Work on your body and your body image concurrently so you feel best both physically and mentally.

9️⃣ Your ideal body is something that happens by side effect. It’s a side effect of 4 core relationships – food, body, exercise, and mind. When those 4 relationships are interlocked your ideal body is the product. That’s when you feel free around food, excited about physical activity, feel at peace with your body, and are living your full life experience. Focus on the process and let the outcome take shape on its own.

🔟 Your breakthroughs are the result of your struggles. The bigger the struggle you overcome, the bigger the breakthrough you experience. Start to view struggles differently – see them as a sign you’re on the right track, and actually get excited that personal growth is on the other side. This is the ultimate key to sticking with your journey and experiencing transformation. It’s also one of the most difficult things to accept.

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